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What is fads fashion?

A "fad" is something that comes and goes. In the fashion world, "fads" are constantly recycling themselves and obtaining more angles. For example, popular eighties styles (i.e (MORE)

What is fad in compressor?

FAD stands for Free Air Delivery which indicates the compressors capacity, it normally described in: L/Sec, m3/min or cfm. Quote: The capacity of a compressor is the full rate (MORE)

What is a fad diet?

Here are answers from a variety of WikiAnswer contributors: Generally, a fad diet is exactly what the name implies: a trendy, new diet that tends to disapear from the public v (MORE)

What is fad and fashion?

Fads are like trends, a type of fashion that is in and then goes out. For example, right now, the fad of children and teens is very casual. They wear a lot of jeans, tees, swe (MORE)

What are the best quotes by Paul Zindel book The Gadget?

"Some will feel as though they have been struck in the back by a hammer. Others will become small black bundles. Even if they know it's coming...even if children hide-it won't (MORE)

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What are examples of a fad?

A fad is a stand-out fashion statement that quickly becomes adopted by many people, who just as quickly become tired of it. Some examples of fads are: fringed flapper dresse (MORE)