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What is a desktop gadget?

A desktop gadget is a tool, sometimes useful, like a clock or something that tells the local weather. Or another option is a sliding puzzle or something useless. -Dave! Yognau (MORE)

What are the Doctor Who gadgets?

  In the recent series the Doctor's primary 'gadgets' are:   * Sonic screwdriver  * Psychic paper  * Fob watch
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What is a FAD in biology?

FAD stands for flavin adenine dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme involved in respiration. It function is to accept 2 hydrogen atoms from succinate in the krebs cycle, and so oxidi (MORE)

What is a fad diet?

Here are answers from a variety of WikiAnswer contributors: Generally, a fad diet is exactly what the name implies: a trendy, new diet that tends to disapear from the public v (MORE)

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What is fad and fashion?

Fads are like trends, a type of fashion that is in and then goes out. For example, right now, the fad of children and teens is very casual. They wear a lot of jeans, tees, swe (MORE)

What are the best quotes by Paul Zindel book The Gadget?

"Some will feel as though they have been struck in the back by a hammer. Others will become small black bundles. Even if they know it's coming...even if children hide-it won't (MORE)

Types of gadgets?

There are several different types of gadgets that include kitchen  gadgets like blenders. Electronic gadgets include tablets, digital  cameras, and MP3 players.