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Where was Big Sky filmed?

MONTANA SKY was indeed filmed in Big Sky Montana what an awesome place i love it. I'm moving there next month ill be in the best place in the world! you should go you will lov (MORE)
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What film won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1978?

The Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Picture in 1978 went to The Deer Hunter. The Academy Award for Best Picture of 1978 went to "The Deer Hunter."
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Actress in film the big chill?

  The actresses in The Big Chill are:   Glenn Close (who was Oscar nominated for the role), JoBeth Williams, Mary Kay Place and Meg Tilly.
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What is the role of women in the big sleep?

Women in the big sleep are there to give the novel some mystery. Carmen and Vivien are mysterious characters who, on the whole, are quite unpredictable. Carmen, who is somewha (MORE)
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Is it ok to sleep naked with your big sister?

I honestly do NOT believe it is appropriate to sleep naked with your big sister. I think it is ok to sleep naked but why would you want to sleep with your big sister that way? (MORE)