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How aeroplane fly?

aeroplane have aerofoil shape (you could find in the internet how does it looks like)wings that have a specific shape that would make it fly. The high velocity at the top of a (MORE)

What is the origin of aeroplane?

The word Aeroplane is made up of the two words Aero and Plane, Aero referring to the skies and Plane referring to the original meaning of Plane (as in Physical plane, plane of (MORE)

Inventer of aeroplane?

Leonardo d Vinci left many drawings of gliders and aeroplanes, which would have worked fairly well had he had 20th century technology available. The Montgolfier brothers in la (MORE)

Where were aeroplanes invented?

The first airplane to take flight was built by the Wright brothersin Ohio USA and was transported first to North Carolina and flownfor its first time there. While some argue (MORE)

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