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Who is The Big Deal Blues Band?

LITTLE ELLIOTT LLOYD and THE BIG DEAL BLUE BAND Under the leadership of Little Elliot Lloyd and The Big Deal Blues Band (BDBB) played clubs in the NY and CT area. Common to t (MORE)

How old are the cn blue band?

C.N.Blue has an average age of 20.75 years. The members' individual ages are: Jung Yonghwa (leader, main vocalist, rapper) - 22 y/o (born on 06/22/89 Lee Jonghyun (lead g (MORE)

How many people are there in a blues band?

The easy answer is as many as you like ! It is generally the same with how many people are there in a rock band ? Logically, as a 'band', it would be no fewer than a trio (for (MORE)

Facts about blue banded bees?

Amegilla cingulata, or the blue banded bee, is a native to  Australia. These bees play an important role in the production of  food and contribute to roughly around 30 perce (MORE)

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Where does the band Blue October originate from?

Blue October is an American rock band who originated from Houston, Texas. The band formed in 1995. It currently consists of 6 members. It started with only six members, and (MORE)