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What are the names of the band cn blue members?

Jung Yonghwa (leader, main vocalist, rapper) Lee Jonghyun (lead guitarist, vocalist) Kang Minhyuk (drummer, backing vocals) Lee Jungshin (bassist, backing vocals, backing ra (MORE)

Who are the band members currently touring with the moody blues?

  In addition to Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Graeme Edge, the line-up for the Moodies' tour in September / October 2008 is: Gordon Marshall (drums). Gordon has been w (MORE)

Who is The Big Deal Blues Band?

LITTLE ELLIOTT LLOYD and THE BIG DEAL BLUE BAND Under the leadership of Little Elliot Lloyd and The Big Deal Blues Band (BDBB) played clubs in the NY and CT area. Common to t (MORE)

How old are the band members of the moody blues?

Justin Hayward is the youngest at 66 years old Birthay is 14th Oct John Lodge is 67 years old Birthday 20th July and finally Graeme Edge is 71 and his Birthday is 30th March (MORE)

What band has the most 1 hits?

Answer   The Beatles (23 in Australia, 23 in The Netherlands, 22 in Canada, 21 in Norway, 20 in the U.S., and 18 in Sweden), they could easily have had even more number o (MORE)

How many people are there in a blues band?

The easy answer is as many as you like ! It is generally the same with how many people are there in a rock band ? Logically, as a 'band', it would be no fewer than a trio (for (MORE)