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What is a library?

A library is a place where published material (books,periodicals, newspapers, music and videos, etc.) are kept for useor lending; a room in a private home for such a collectio (MORE)

What library is the best library in the world?

A library is to look up things like the history of Liverpool or if you found a book in the shop but its to much money you can go to the library and bowwow it. library's are mo (MORE)

What is a graphic library?

Graphic library is a library that store various of graphic ( it can  be vector or jpg, mostly it's some illutration, drawing, graphic  element, also can be icon or pictogram (MORE)

How are library books organised in a library?

Generally, fiction (i.e. novels) are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name, and non-fiction (i.e. books on specific topics) are arranged by subject categories. The (MORE)

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