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Are there missing chapters in the Book of Daniel?

  Answer   Depends on who you ask. See, one of the things that people set out to do in compiling a sacred Bible was to decide what was genuine and what wasn't. They (MORE)

When was the Book of Daniel written?

Opinion:   The Book of Daniel was written sometime in the sixth century BC.    A:   The Book of Daniel is set in the sixth century BCE, duringthe  Babylonian E (MORE)
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What is the book of Daniel?

Answer 1: The book of Daniel is one of the prophetic books of the old Testament. It also tells in detail of the conditions experienced by the Jews who were displaced after the (MORE)

Is there a list of Danielle Steele books?

I think this is a pretty complete list of Danielle Steel's works. Hopefully I haven't added any duplicates. Happy BirthdayThe RingA Good WomanWingsThe GiftEchoesZoyaMirror Im (MORE)

Did Daniel write all the book of Daniel?

No, Daniel did not write all of the book of Daniel. He did not write chapter 4. Chapter 4 was written by King Nebuchadnezzar, or more likely, one of King Nebuchadnezzar's scri (MORE)

Where was the Book of Daniel written?

A:Biblical scholars believe that the Book of Daniel was written in Jerusalem approximately 147 BCE. Written as a novel about the Babylonian Exile, it contains veiled criticism (MORE)

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