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Where can you find books with real magic spells?

Any library or metaphysical bookstore will carry books of magic. Few if any are the sort of thing you can pick up and learn in an afternoon. Magic is a lifetime pursuit, some (MORE)

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Did Harry Potter copy Books of Magic?

There are some similarities between the protagonists in that they are both boys with glasses who have lost their mothers, have a pet owls and are powerful wizards. However, Ne (MORE)

What are all of the Magic Tree House books?

These are all the Morgan le Fay missions: 1: Dinosaurs Before Dark 2: The Knight at Dawn 3: Mummies in the Morning 4: Pirates Past Noon 5: Night of the Ninjas 6: Afterno (MORE)

How many magic pony books are there?

There are 8 magic ponies books. 1. A new friend 2. A special friend 3. A twinkle of hooves 4. Showjumping dreams 5. Seaside summer 6. Riding rescue 7. Winter wonderland 8. P (MORE)

How many rainbow magic books are there?

There are 98 books in the normal series out now. There are seven more books to come in the normal series. When those books come out, there will be 105 books!There are 13 speci (MORE)

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What do you call a book filled with dark magic?

The Generic term for such an Occult (Bible) is, rather appropriately, a Grimoire. ( Pronounced Grimm-Wahh!) Word is of French origin. a sort of code-book which is invariable h (MORE)

What is a summary of magic zero book one?

 In a Magical city called Arcanum, there was a man called ArgusCade  and his real friend and once his student called Leander. One day  Argus died and the whole city mourne (MORE)