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What does Lough Erin Shore mean?

It's a song by The Corrs. Lough Erin is the largest lake in Ireland. The tune is to Francie Mooney's Gleanntainn Ghlas Ghaoth Dobhair There is no Lough Erin in Ireland - (MORE)
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What is the past tense of lough?

Since lough is an noun not a verb, there is no past tense of lough. The past, present and future of lough is lough. For example I had been swimming in an lough before or I wan (MORE)

What county in Northern Ireland does not touch Lough Neagh?

Only county Fermanagh of Northern Ireland's 6 counties does nottouch Lough Neagh. The other 5 counties do. They are Armagh,Tyrone, Derry, Antrim and Down. Only county Fermana (MORE)
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Is there a bus from Limerick Ireland to Lough Gur?

There is no direct bus to Lough Gur from Limerick. If you go to the bus station in Limerick you can get the Kilfinane bus and alight at Reardons pub in Holycross. It is then p (MORE)

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Where is lake Lough Corrib located in Ireland?

It is in the west of Ireland, mostly in county Galway, with a smallpart in county Mayo.
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Where did lough Erie Ireland get its name?

There is no Lough Erie in Ireland. There is Lough Erne, which you may have meant. Its name comes from either the ancient people known as the Érainn, or their goddess from whi (MORE)