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What is a butler?

A butler is a head servant of a household, typically a man. A butler is paid for his services. In some countries most households do not have butlers. Where butlers are emp (MORE)
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What is butler service?

The service that serve in the Host or Hostess or the owner of the house is what we called Butler Service. Because it was a Tangable Item which means serve a food and beverages (MORE)

Who was General Benjamin Butler?

He was a Union Major General whose appointment was made because of political rather then military or combat experience. Known as Beast Butler or Spoons for his nasty habit of (MORE)

Where did Rhett Butler come from?

In the movie, Gone With the Wind, the character Rhett Butler is from Charleston, South Carolina. Cathleen Calvert tells Scarett O'Hara, "My dear, don't you know? That's Rhett (MORE)
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Why was josephine butler important?

because she changed the history of women and how they were treated. she also opened the ladies assosiation which supported all women in the u.k and spent 21 years of her life (MORE)