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What is a cactus wren?

A cactus wren is a species of wren native to the southwestern United States, Latin name Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus .
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Does cactus have roots?

Yes, cactus plants have roots. Specifically, a cactus plant needs roots to take in moisture and dissolved nutrients from the soil. It is upon this underground supply of mois (MORE)

What is a cactus made of?

The cactus plant is made up of fibrous, shallow roots below ground. Above ground, it has central transport tissue for taking water up from the roots and into the stem for proc (MORE)

How do you exterminate a cactus?

The cactus plant may be killed by bugs such as vine weevils. It may be killed by fungus such as basal stem rot. It may be killed by moisture extremes, such as absolutely no an (MORE)
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What is the kingdom of the cactus?

  In taxonomy (organization of living things), the "Kingdom" is the broadest classification of any living. Cacti are plants; therefore, the kingdom of the cactus is the pl (MORE)

What is a cactus?

A cactus is a succulent plant normally found in deserts and other arid regions. Most cacti have thick skins and spines to discourage animals that might consume them for the mo (MORE)

Are there cactus in Australia?

There are no native cactus in Australia. Cactus are only native to North, Central and South America. However, cactus have been introduced to Australia and the prickly pear c (MORE)

How do a cactus get food?

Cacti get food the same way as all other plants, by photosynthesis. They use the sun, water, nutrients and the air (only certain gases) to produce their own food. Just because (MORE)