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Do you have to salute a cadet?

The salute is the greeting among the military. The junior rank/enlisted is required to render the salute first and hold it until the officer drops his salute. Cadets have not (MORE)

What is a cadet?

A Cadet is a student in a military school or military studies. In  most cases, the cadet is learning the basics knowledge of military  discipline and upon graduation will pr (MORE)
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How do you get out of the army cadets?

The way to get out of the AAC/ACF is to bring all uniform, webbing, and AAC/ACF property to your unit commanding officer or Detachment commander and tell them you would like t (MORE)
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Who are the cadet sisters?

there are six of them. they sing gospel music. they are seventh day adventist. they are all beautiful little girls, especially the youngest one Gianna

How do you discipline the cadets?

It says in ACP 48...   There are two main reasons why people obey the rules, regulations and standards, these are:   a. Fear of the consequences if they are caught bre (MORE)

What do cadets do?

Cadets have the chance to shoot, fly, ride in a tank and have weekends away to do some Adventure based activities, Joining a Military Cadet organisation DOES NOT mean you have (MORE)

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What Does A Cadet Firefighter Do?

A cadet firefighter can mean different things in different  departments.   In some departments, it means that it is a new firefighter  undergoing training. If this is th (MORE)