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Who Invented Caterpillars?

Caterpillar the heavy equipment? Around 1890 by Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best. They would later merge their two companies into Caterpillar Tractor Co in 1925. Although Holt ac (MORE)

Where do caterpillars sleep?

They sleep near their nearest food source usually. So you'll often find them by a leaf. But you usually wouldn't see one because they will usually blend in with the leaves and (MORE)

Are caterpillars herbivores?

Most caterpillars are herbivores. Some species are omnivores because they eat other insects. yes it is. it eats plants only.
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Do caterpillars have a brain?

  Yes. Yes they do have a brain everything that is living has a brain. mi_ch_ae_la_7 says: Actually that's not completely true... Trees for instance do not have brains, y (MORE)

How do you look after a caterpillar?

well get a contaner and has to have air holes.also collect leafs but choose wisely cause your catterpillar might eat only one type of a leaf. when is a butterfly free it so it (MORE)

What does a caterpillar grow into?

It depends on what type of caterpillar it is. Most become  butterflies, but some turn into moths.  +++ More precisely, each caterpillar variety is the larva of its  own spe (MORE)

What is the classification of the caterpillar?

The caterpillar has the following classification: Kingdom:  Animalia, Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Insecta and Order:  Lepidopteria. The family, genus and species varies depen (MORE)

Do caterpillar hibernate?

well...not really...i mean they do eat the leaves and get chubby,then make a cocoon and weeks later its pretty butterfly.So that would be a no because that's transformation no (MORE)

What do caterpillars eat?

These answers are listed from most common to least common. That is, the top answer refers to most caterpillars, the bottom answer refers to the fewest species of caterpillars. (MORE)

What eats a caterpillar?

Carterpillars are large, nutritous and (more importantly) very slow. This makes them ideal food for such animals as Birds, Hedgehogs, various Rodents and even come other Bugs (MORE)