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How is chalk formed?

Chalk forms from the deep marine accumulation of the plates of organisms called coccolithophores. The plates are composed of the mineral calcite.
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What is dustless chalk?

Dustless chalk is a type of chalk that produces less dust than  traditional chalk. Most of these products are made of calcium  sulphate and a binder like starch to reduce du (MORE)

Is chalk soluble?

No chalk is not solouble. When chalk is put in water the water becomes a suspension ie the particles of chalk keep floating in water.
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Is chalk a rock?

Yes, it's a sedimentary rock composed of calcium carbonate. Classroom chalk is not necessarily the same as chalk the rock, since it may include binders and pigments in additi (MORE)

Is chalk solid?

yes.... Because a solid has a definite shape, volume and mass... and chalk also has a definite shape, volume and mass...
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Is pastel chalk the same as chalk?

No, it's not. Pastel chalk or soft pastel is easier to blend and draw with because it is softer, hence the name, soft pastel. Soft pastels are made of ground pigments, gum tra (MORE)
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What is tailor's chalk?

A thin piece of hard chalk used in tailoring for making temporary  alteration marks on clothing. what is tailors chalk