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White feather in world war 1?

If any men in WW1 were sent a white feather, normally and if not always by a woman, it was a sign of cowardice. It meant he wasn't signing up to fight, and the woman thought t (MORE)

Who were given white feathers during World War 1?

Men who had not enlisted in the Army were given a white feather by young women as a sign of cowardice. The Order of the White Feather was set up to humiliate and coerce men in (MORE)

What did the white feather represent in World War 1?

New answer: That's all true above but that's not what it meant in WW1. The White Feather was given out to boys and men, old enough to register for the army but didn't register (MORE)

Why is the ion charge of iodine -1?

Iodine is a halogen (group 7 of the periodic table), and halogens are supposed to have seven valenced electrons to match the amount of protons in their nucleus. However, in or (MORE)

One pound of gold vs 1 pound of feathers?

This is a favoured trick question of teachers since time immemorial, the joke is of course that they both weigh a pound, so they both weigh the same. The pounds and ounces t (MORE)

How many feathers does it take to make 1 pound?

That depends on the type of feather. Feathers vary in weight depending on the type of bird and where the feather came from on the bird. To make 1 pound out of small bird fea (MORE)