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Why does Na Sodium have a 1 charge?

Sodium forms a 1+ ion because it has only one electron in its outer shell, and a full shell of 8 electrons below it. Sodium easily loses its one outer shell electron so that (MORE)

White feather in world war 1?

If any men in WW1 were sent a white feather, normally and if not always by a woman, it was a sign of cowardice. It meant he wasn't signing up to fight, and the woman thought t (MORE)

Who makes Feather River doors for Home Depot?

Trinity Glass International. Just go to their website, you'll see all the Feather River doors there.
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How do you charge a 1 farad capacitor?

Answer The easiest way is to connect it directly to the battery. Make sure the polarity matches up. (-ve to -ve, and +ve to +ve). Because it is 1F, it will take some time to (MORE)
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Does 1 newton of lead weigh more than 1 newton of feather?

A newton is a measure of force or weight. Therefore, a newton of any substance weighs the same amount as any other substance. For comparison, a wooden rod that is 2m long is (MORE)

Why do Sodium ions have a charge of 1?

  they have one more proton than electron.     Protons have a positive charge and electrons have a negative charge.
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How can you keep roosters from peeking feathers out of 1 hen he keeps picking on her no others and she is bald?

  Feed and grain outlets sell anti peck products used to help stop and heal this problem however the problem may persist even after treatment. If most of the damage is d (MORE)

One pound of gold vs 1 pound of feathers?

This is a favoured trick question of teachers since time immemorial, the joke is of course that they both weigh a pound, so they both weigh the same. The pounds and ounces t (MORE)