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Does cover girl test on animals?

Yes. Cover Girl does test on animals. Most of the mainstream cosmetic companies do. There are a couple that are becoming more main stream that don't: Jane, Bonne Belle and Bar (MORE)
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Why do Muslim girls cover their face?

most western and European people think that a Muslim woman is obligated to cover her face which isn't completely true ,Islam tells us that a woman should cover up her body and (MORE)

How can you get on the cover of American Girl magazine?

If you would like to be for the cover of American Girl Magazine, the auditions are held in Los Angeles, California every one to two months. Only three girls are chosen out of (MORE)

Who is the girl on the ligeia album cover?

The 2008 sophmore release from Ligeia entitled "Bad News" has a NYC based model named Bobbi Kent on the cover. The band does not have any affiliation with her nor did they w (MORE)
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Why does Muslim girl cover her hair?

Muslim girl and/or women cover their hair through wearing the Hijab because it is a mandatory duty (Farz in Arabic). It is a religious fact. they should start to wear at age o (MORE)

Who is the girl on the cover of the airhead books?

Meg Cabot said that since stalker people have asked her that, that she won't give out to much information. She did say that the girls name was Ellie C., who is a seventeen-ye (MORE)

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