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Where can you get a crow?

You can get a crow from a pet store or a specialist bird breeder.     However, please make sure you take all the steps necessary to  ensure the crow was born in cap (MORE)

What can crows do?

It has been discovered that crows are actually some of the most intelligent species of birds, and very skilled at construction. They make their own tools for hunting and are v (MORE)

Is a crow he or she?

  Male and female crows look the same. Males are slightly larger, but unless you see them side-by-side, you probably won't be able to tell if a crow is male or female just (MORE)
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Do crows have an ear?

  Yes, birds have ears, but they can't wear earrings because there is no outside part like a mammal's, only an opening in the skull.
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How did the crow Indians get the name crow?

Like the names of most tribes in North America, it is the result of the ignorance of white Americans and consequent misunderstanding. Crow is not the name of the tribe; they (MORE)

When do Crows Mate?

  It depends on where you are, but in the Northern United States and Canada they start nesting at the end of March, fledging young in late May or June.

What is Crow?

Crows are social birds that congregate in huge flocks. While the flock grazes in a field, lookouts will be posted to watch for approaching danger. They'll raise the alarm if h (MORE)

What is a crow moon?

A Crow Moon is nothing more than a full Moon that appears in March. For native Americans, the cawing of the crows signified the end of Winter. Also known as the Full Worm (MORE)

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