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What is a drum cue?

The word "Cue" can mean several things. A Drum Cue can mean a specific direction at a specific time (often notated in the drummers chart or music) in a performance for a drumm (MORE)

The difference between monocular cues and bioncular cues?

Binocular cues are, "Depth cues that depend on the use of two eyes" (Myers, D., 2007, p. 245). Monocular cues are, "Depth cues available to either eye alone" (Myers, D., 200 (MORE)

How do you hit the cue- ball?

That depends on the type of shot you wish to perform. This post of mine might help you with that: see related link.
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What are structural cues?

The things used to hold the foundation of something together.  A basement has cement to hold the bottom of the building together.

What is retrieval cues?

Any stimulus that helps us recall information in long-term memory.   The fact that retrieval cues can provoke powerful recollections has led some researchers to speculate t (MORE)

What are some quotes from Cue for Treason?

Quotes from Cue for Treason include "Boys, boys, boys! Everyone  sends me boys. Do they imagine I eat boys for breakfast? They can't  possibly think I use them any other way (MORE)

How do you spell cue?

That is the correct spelling of cue (a prompt or a pool stick), which has two notable homophones, words that are pronounced the same: queue - to line up, as in waiting or in o (MORE)

What are paralinguistic cues?

Paralinguistic cues are non-verbal signs, such as gestures, body posture, facial expressions which modify or suggest the meaning of verbal communication.
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What is psychological cues?

1. Facial Expression- convey a smile or frown 2. Gestures- wavy, pointing 3. Para linguistics- pitch and tone of voice 4. Body language and posture- leg crossing or arm cros (MORE)