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What is a drum cue?

The word "Cue" can mean several things. A Drum Cue can mean a specific direction at a specific time (often notated in the drummers chart or music) in a performance for a drumm (MORE)

How do you spell cueing?

The present tense of the verb "to cue" - meaning to prompt, is spelt as you have in the question. Excluding the E from the word, giving "cuing", is a common alternative spelli (MORE)
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What are structural cues?

The things used to hold the foundation of something together.  A basement has cement to hold the bottom of the building together.

What is retrieval cues?

Any stimulus that helps us recall information in long-term memory.   The fact that retrieval cues can provoke powerful recollections has led some researchers to speculate t (MORE)

How do you spell cue?

That is the correct spelling of cue (a prompt or a pool stick), which has two notable homophones, words that are pronounced the same: queue - to line up, as in waiting or in o (MORE)

What are paralinguistic cues?

Paralinguistic cues are non-verbal signs, such as gestures, body posture, facial expressions which modify or suggest the meaning of verbal communication.
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What is psychological cues?

1. Facial Expression- convey a smile or frown 2. Gestures- wavy, pointing 3. Para linguistics- pitch and tone of voice 4. Body language and posture- leg crossing or arm cros (MORE)

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