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How do you get more smurfs on smurf village?

You can build more houses, buy more smurfs, or upgrade you houses that are already there. Every time you build a house, an extra smurf comes with it. You can also buy a smurf (MORE)

What do smurfs eat?

Smurfs eat a lot of things. Mainly smurfberries and sarsaparilla leaves, but often they are seen eating different cakes or even hot dogs or chicken.
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Who likes to catch smurfs on smurfs?

The person who likes to catch the surfs and wants to is Gargamel and his cat Azriel. They are the main people who wand to catch them.
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Who are the smurfs characters?

Papa SmurfGrandpa SmurfNanny SmurfetteHefty SmurfHandy SmurfSmurfetteJokey SmurfBrainy SmurfLazy SmurfBaby SmurfNat SmurflingSnappy SmurflingSlouchy SmurflingSassette Smurflin (MORE)

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What are the names of The Smurfs?

01. Papa 02. Brainy (also portrayed King Smurf ) 03. Hefty 04. Handy 05. Jokey (masqueraded as Don Smurfo ) 06. Smurfette 07. Nat 08. Slouchy 09. Snappy 10. (MORE)

How do you get more smurfs in smurf village?

You either "buy" a few smurfs with smurfberries, or you build a few "homes" for them; the home for each smurf can be built by another smurf erecting a mushroom house. There is (MORE)