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What happens in Warriors 6 The Darkest Hour?

  In the prologue, Tigerstar travels to make a deal to share the forest with Scourge and his Clan called BloodClan, who live in Twolegplace and thrive off of crowfood.  (MORE)

What is the darkest part of a shadow called?

The darkest part of a shadows is called the "umbra", which is  actually Latin for "shadow". This is where the light source is  completely blocked by the occluding body. The (MORE)

What tanning lotion will get you the darkest?

Look for something with a lot of bronzers. And make sure you buy from a salon! Don't trust eBay or amazon sellers. I work at a tanning salon and have been personally tanning f (MORE)

What book comes after the darkest hour in the warriors saga?

the next book after the darkest hour is firestars quest Its a specil eddition plot is There is peace at last between the warrior clans and firestar cant help wondering dose h (MORE)
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Is darkest hour satanic?

Darkest Hour is not Satanic. They are atheists which is a far cry from Satanism.
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