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What is a dinosaur?

Dinosaurs (or the dinosauria) are a group of archosaurian reptiles(Reptilia) that first appeared about 230 million years ago, duringthe Triassic Period of the Mesozic era. . (MORE)

What were dinosaurs?

They where living creatures who lived in prehistoric times. Giants,  Monsters, Beasts are words to describe them.   Dinosaurs (or the dinosauria) are a group of archosaur (MORE)

Why where there dinosaurs?

  There were dinosaurs because.... there just were! Dinosaurs helped balance out the ecosystem. By the way, an ecosystem is a group of living and nonliving things in the s (MORE)

Were more dinosaurs plant eaters or meat eaters?

There were more species of plant eating dinosaur than there werespecies of carnivorous dinosaur. Additionally, the populations ofcarnivores would have been much smaller than t (MORE)

What can dinosaurs do?

Thats a question thats hard to answers. In simplest form, they ate,  sleep, drink, walk, went to the bathroom, mate, and started the  cycle over again. In a more precise way (MORE)

Were there more plant eating dinosaurs than meat eating dinosaurs?

Yes, just like there are more plant eating animals than meat eating animals in the modern animal kingdom. The reason for this is that a species needs to maintain its numbers (MORE)