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What is a hero?

A hero is a person who you admire. Who will do right even with  wrong influence. Who will sacrifice themselves to save anyone or  thing. I have a saying to influence me to b (MORE)

How are polymers disposed of?

First, distinguish between two different kinds of polymers. Polymers are long chains of monomers. They exist in natural materials such as plants and can compost or decompose. (MORE)

What is disposable garbage?

In this system there are 2 kinds of dust bin - one for bio degradable waste like paper, vegetable peels etc and other for non bio degradable waste like plastic and polythene. (MORE)

How can you dispose of your timeshare?

Most timeshares are difficult to dispose of. You can always advertise your timeshare to sell on sites like craigslist and eBay but the odds of getting what its worth are minim (MORE)
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How do you dispose of radiation?

  some radiation can be controlled through the use of a Faraday shield. a conductive sheet or mesh is place around the source and then grounded. Light is radiation and can (MORE)

How is methane disposed of?

Due to methane being so unstable it is best kept in a solid frozen state rather than its natural gas state. Disposal of methane has proven to be somewhat difficult, because i (MORE)
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How do you dispose of cables?

  It depends upon the nature of the cable- ordinary steel cable ought to be allowed in the 'metals' section at your nearest dump or recycling centre. But if they are small (MORE)

What is disposable diapers?

Being the word 'disposable' means to throw away, and diapers are an  absorbent item a baby needs to keep from 'leaking' their urine onto  other items when they are a baby. A (MORE)