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Is The Dreamer by George Rockham a real book?

  I don't think that it is. I've checked a couple websites and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Also, in the movie she tells him that its the only surviving copy, which k (MORE)

What are all the books in the warriors series?

The 1st Arc 1) Into the Wild 2) Fire and Ice 3) Forest of Secrets 4) Rising Storm 5) A Dangerous Path 6)The Darkest Hour The New Prophecy 1) Midnight 2) Moon (MORE)

What is the seventh book in the Warriors series?

Well, there is different 'chapters' of books in the Warrior series. First it's Warriors with 6 books, then Warriors: The New Prophecy which has 6 books also. Then there is War (MORE)

How many books are in the Animorphs series?

63 or 64 in all including the alternimorphs, megamorphs, and the chronicle ones. but there are 54 books with normal Animorph tittles and covers.
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How many books are there in The The Hobbit series?

That will depend on how you define series. The Hobbit is a single book. The Lord of the Rings has six books in it, most will say three, but each of the books has two books (MORE)

What are The Hobbit book series in order?

The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings : the Fellowship of the Ring, Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers, and Lord of the Rings: Return of the king
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How many books are there in the Oz series?

1900 - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  # 1904 - The Marvelous Land of Oz  # 1907 - Ozma of Oz  # 1908 - Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz  # 1909 - The Road to Oz  # 1910 - The Em (MORE)