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What are all the books from the gone series?

There are 6 books, all of them published and available   1.Gone   2.Hunger   3.Lies   4.Plague   5.Fear    Note: This book (fifth) was originally ca (MORE)

Is The Dreamer by George Rockham a real book?

  I don't think that it is. I've checked a couple websites and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Also, in the movie she tells him that its the only surviving copy, which k (MORE)

What are all the books in the warriors series?

The 1st Arc 1) Into the Wild 2) Fire and Ice 3) Forest of Secrets 4) Rising Storm 5) A Dangerous Path 6)The Darkest Hour The New Prophecy 1) Midnight 2) Moon (MORE)

What are the books in the 'My Sister The Vampire' series?

Book 1: Switched Book 2: Fangtastic! Book 3: Re-Vamped! Book 4: Vampallcious! Book 5: Take Two Book 6: Love Bites Book 7: Lucky Break Book 8: Star Style Book 9 (MORE)

What are the 4 books in the Twilight series?

1. Twilight 2. New Moon 3. Eclipse 4. Breaking Dawn Stephenie Meyer is currently working on book 5 which is written in Edward's Point of View and is called Midnight Su (MORE)

How many books are there in the Oz series?

1900 - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  # 1904 - The Marvelous Land of Oz  # 1907 - Ozma of Oz  # 1908 - Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz  # 1909 - The Road to Oz  # 1910 - The Em (MORE)