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How tall is Sherri Dupree?

  nearly 5' 6" there's a comment on this link of Sherri saying how tall she is:
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Who is Apostle David L. Dupree?

Apostle David L. Dupree is the founder, general overseer, Chief  Apostle and senior Bishop of the Solid Rock True Holiness Church of  the Apostolic Faith, the backbone and g (MORE)

Who is Apostle Dupree?

Apostle David Lee Dupree Is the Founder of The Solid Rock True Holiness Churches Of the Apostolic Faith Inc . Headquartered In Boston MA. Not only is he a dynamic and anointed (MORE)

Is Myra Ms Dupree and Melvin still on the Tom Joyner morning show?

No they are not. Ms. Dupre is no longer on the TJMS nor Myra J. They may appear from time to time however. Ms Dupre (Jedda Jones) is in a movie title 'Snatched' which is (MORE)
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Was mike kelly of the duprees a better singer then joey vann?

The answer to your questions is yes, Mike Kelly was in many respects a better singer than Joey Vann. But Vann's voice was alsa very good, and probably more marketable to the g (MORE)
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Where are deceased members of the duprees buried?

  Joe Santollo and Joey Canzano are buried not to far from where they hailed from in Jersey City. They are buried in Holy Cross Cemetary in North Arlington, NJ. Mike Arnon (MORE)