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How did mike ballard and Jesse dupree meet?

Mike Ballard and Jesse Dupree met in the town that they both  resided in. After meeting, they become best friends and opened a  business together.

Who is Apostle David L. Dupree?

Apostle David L. Dupree is the founder, general overseer, Chief  Apostle and senior Bishop of the Solid Rock True Holiness Church of  the Apostolic Faith, the backbone and g (MORE)

What happened to Richie Rosato Why did he leave the Duprees?

After a dispute with group members over money, he left the group and is now a hairstylist in south central New Jersey.   This is not true!! Richie Rosato was a professional (MORE)

Who is Apostle Dupree?

Apostle David Lee Dupree Is the Founder of The Solid Rock True Holiness Churches Of the Apostolic Faith Inc . Headquartered In Boston MA. Not only is he a dynamic and anointed (MORE)

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Where is Mike Kelly of the Duprees Any pictures?

From You Tube it is said that he is into Christan music, but I too have not found anything on the web regarding current info or pics. Dianne in Chicago 12/1/08 The last I read (MORE)
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Where are deceased members of the duprees buried?

  Joe Santollo and Joey Canzano are buried not to far from where they hailed from in Jersey City. They are buried in Holy Cross Cemetary in North Arlington, NJ. Mike Arnon (MORE)
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Is Jessie James dupree a minister?

Yes he is He actually married one of the employees of full throttle and his wife on one episode