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How the eagle get their food?

Eagle get their food by hunting. They fly up the sky then with their keen eyes alternately they spot their prey and they attack they dive down a a fast speed with a target of (MORE)
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What is the lifespan of an eagle?

  Answer   Over 30 years in the wild; longer in captivity.    The oldest recorded bird in the wild is 29 years. This is biased  low because longevity records a (MORE)
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What is the classification of an eagle?

la madre de tu esposa The classification of a bold eagle is Kingdom-Animalia Phylum- Chordata Class- Aves Order- Falconiformes Family- Accipitridae Genus- Haliaeetus Species- (MORE)

What was the eagles first album?

  The Eagles debut LP was self-titled & was released on the Elektra/Asylum label. Some music publications or LP credits may list the release year of this LP as 1971 or 197 (MORE)
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What is an eagle?

The Eagle is a very large bird of prey. It's related to the falcon.Its Colors are brown and white. They have keen eye site for catching their prey.Eagles often nest on mountai (MORE)
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What is a Eagle two and eagle three?

they are two eagle clones created by a team of bio engineers at the University of Texas. The bio engineers made modifications to the DNA of both eagle, eagle two being the fir (MORE)