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What are the names of the Evangelion movies and what order are they in?

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth was released first and consists of a recap and deleted scenes from the original broadcast (deleted scenes are included in renewal and (MORE)

How does Kurozuka end?

Its actually a tragic love story involving a lot of swordplay and bloodshed with the added bonus of vampire. The ending is poorly done but what I could make out of it was the (MORE)

What is end to end recruitment?

End - to - end Recruitment is an industry term used to describe in totality the functions of a Recruitment Consultant. At one "end" is the identification of clients and opport (MORE)

When is the end of Lent?

Catholic Answer  Lent ends immediately before the Mass of the Lord's Supper on  Thursday evening before Easter.
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Why did rugrats end?

To me Rugrats ended because the audiences would have not been  familiar with the original seasons and the meaning would have been  lose somewhere since the show ran for so-l (MORE)