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What are the names of the Evangelion movies and what order are they in?

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth was released first and consists of a recap and deleted scenes from the original broadcast (deleted scenes are included in renewal and (MORE)

How many episodes of neon genesis evangelion are there?

The TV series has 26 episodes. However, after this was completed, they made two movies: a recap movie (Death & Rebirth), and an alternate ending (End of Evangelion). Recently, (MORE)

What is Proto evangelion?

It is a Greek compound term. 'Proto' meaning 'first' and 'evangelion' meaning 'gospel'. In essence, it means 'first gospel'. The Protoevangel ion is another term for the Book (MORE)
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Why did it end?

Answer   The biggest reason was simple exhaustion. The warring powers, especially Germany, just couldn't go on any longer and with the threat of fresh new American troo (MORE)