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Was Enid Spanns death suspecious?

  No after much searching I am finding that Enid Spann died of a Brain Aneurysm in a movie theater bathroom. Here is more on it. At this link. The book was never publi (MORE)

How did enid spann Jackson die?

Jackie Jackson married Enid Spann in November 1974 at the age of 23. They divorced in 1987. And In December 20, 1997 she died from a brain aneurysm. Conflicting reports on whe (MORE)

Was Enid Blyton spanked as a child?

Being born in the late 1800s means she most definitely was. She makes references to spanking in her books. In an interview, she said she spanked her children, and in most case (MORE)

Where is the city Enid Oklahoma?

Enid (EE-nid), Oklahoma is a friendly hometown located in Northwest Oklahoma inside Garfield County. Enid is a city and houses an estimated 47,000 citizens. Oklahoma City can (MORE)