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Do animals have emotions?

That would depend on which animal. Mammals, such as dogs, pigs, cats and humans, have complex emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, etc. Complex motions are carried ou (MORE)

Can emotional service animals be registered?

No. Emotional support animals are glorified pets that are allowed in no-pets housing and on airplanes with the correct paperwork from your doctor. Anyone trying to sell you so (MORE)

How can art express emotion?

As an artist, art helps express emotions because all of your words are put into one art piece. People don't quite understand how art and emotions work, because they think art (MORE)

Why is literature effective in expressing emotions?

In literature, anyone can express their feelings without being or feeling judge. What literature does, is that it allows us to confess how we're feeling. When it's only you, a (MORE)

What about the woman in the emotional affair with a married man?

You should think of it this way....How would you feel if your husband was having an "emotional affair" with someone...? Let the man dig his own hole, but dont be the one that (MORE)

When a person is in a relationship and they problems with expressing the emotions and avoids emotional intimacy how does that affect the relationship?

  Your question is really confusing. Tell us something more. Do you think you have a relationship with someone from your side only? Or you and someone are in in love and b (MORE)

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