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Are giraffes fierce?

They use there back legs as weapons.Lions run faster than a giraffe,but a giraffe could kill a lion with just one kick with their back legs.They look gentle,but that is just b (MORE)

How do you spell fierceful?

There is no such word as fierceful. Etymologically, fierce is an adjective and one cannot be "full of fierce." An action would simply be fierce. The proper adjectives that a (MORE)
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Why did people call beyonce Sasha fierce?

Actually Beyocne named herself Sasha Fierce. She said it was her alter ego that we see when she performs. She is found in her third studio album I am...Sasha Fierce. People no (MORE)
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Is fiercely an adverb?

Yes, it is the adverb form of the adjective fierce.   It means violently or fervently. Yes. For example: "The lion hunts fiercely." The word 'fiercely' is describing the v (MORE)

What is a fierce dog that bites all the time?

It might be a dog that had a bad past, or your dog may be a guard dog and is very protective or vicious. You should check with your vet for rabies. If that's not the case, and (MORE)

Why is the dog Pitbull so fierce?

They're not any worse than any other dog. Society loves to talk  about how they break people's arms & eat babies, but fail to  mention that they're also used as guides for d (MORE)