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Is there a statute of limitation on traffic offences in KY?

A traffic ticket is a notice of violation. The statute of limitations is to prevent one from being accused of a crime when the witnesses may no longer be available and defense (MORE)

What does offence mean in football?

In football, the offense is the team in control of the ball moving it toward the opponents goal and attempting to score. There are many different types of football, but in all (MORE)

Will juvenile offences show on a CRB check?

CRB checks were replaced by DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)  checks in 2012.    Cautions (including reprimands and final warnings/youth cautions)  and conviction (MORE)
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What is the offence?

of·fense  əˈfens/  noun  noun: offence     1.    a breach of a law or rule; an illegal act.  "neither offense violates any federal law"      syno (MORE)
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What is non cognizable offence?

Means you can't be released o.r. (own recognizance) or they won't  trust you and bail probably req'd.
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