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Who were the MSU Flintstones?

There were actually 4 Flintstones. Morris Peterson, Charlie Bell and Mateen Cleaves were the three more known flintstones because they were in the same class and won the Natio (MORE)

Are Flintstones vitamins safe?

Flintstone's vitamins are safe as long as they are administered according to directions. Also, as with all vitamins and minerals it's important to keep in a secured place away (MORE)

Who was dash rip-rock on the flintstones?

Dash Riprock was never on the Flintstones, he was a character on the TV show the Beverly Hillbillies. Jed Clampett's Banker, Milburn Drysdale was forever matchmaking to hook u (MORE)

What is the Flintstones about?

They were 'the modern stoneage family'. The Flintstones were about a working class stoneaged family. Fred was a bronto-crane operator at the Slade Rock and Gravel Quarry. Wilm (MORE)

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Who are the characters on the Flintstones?

Frederick Joseph "Fred" Flintstone - The main character of the show.Wilma Pebbles Slaghoople (née Pebble, later Slaghoople) - (Fred's wife.)Pebbles Flintstone The Flintstones (MORE)