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Where can you get a fox?

There are breeders all around the US that sell all different species of domesticated fox. Do some research online to find one, but first, make sure that owning this exotic pet (MORE)

What can a fox do?

Foxes can hunt, play, eat, sleep and do most things other animals do. Lot's of things, they're dogs, so they make canine noises, along with chirps and yips also, they act like (MORE)
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Is Kristie Fox Megan Fox's sister?

yes. shes 11 years older than Megan. she still lives around where Megan fox used to live, in south Florida. Kristi works at fort pierce central in fort pierce, fl.
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Can a fox eat larger foxes?

Technically yes, but only piece by piece over time, however foxes do not cannibalize each other. Generally the only time a fox would intentionaly kill another would be if it h (MORE)
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What is a fox?

Heyy Fox (animal), smallest member of the dog family, which also includes wolves, coyotes, jackals, and dogs. Foxes are characterized by short legs, an elongated narrow muzzle (MORE)
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What does a fox do?

Most foxes live 2 to 3 years but can survive for up to 10 years, or even longer, in captivity. Foxes are generally smaller than other members of the family Canidae such as wol (MORE)

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