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How far is it form England to gambia?

  It's a 6 hour flight, so bearing in mind that the average speed of a plane is about 800 km/h, the distance is about 4800km or 3000 miles
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What is the National Sport of Gambia?

Wrestling is the traditional national sport; contests can be watched in most towns and villages. Bouts can be seen on most weekends in Banjul and its suburbs,Serekunda and Bak (MORE)

What food does Gambia people eat?

Gambians eat rice, fish, meat and vegetables often with a spicy sauce. They also eat locally grown products such as groundnuts, cous and mango
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What is the currency of Gambia?

Gambian currency is Dalasis and bututs. 42 dalasis is about £1 (UK). There are 100 bututs in 1 dalasi
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Motorcycling laws in gambia?

In Gambia, when hiring a motorcycle, you will not be given the  helmet, so, you had?æbetter have your own. That is among a few of  the rules.
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Who is Hassoum Ceesay in The Gambia?

Hassoum Ceesay was born in 1971; attended Armitage High School, Fourah Bay College College; St Mary's University Halifax, Canada where he bagged a BA in History in 1999; Post (MORE)