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How much is GAP INc worth?

GAP Inc. is a clothing brand based in the United States. As of2014, their revenue is estimated at over $16 billion with a netincome of $1.28 billion.

What is Inc?

incorporated INC stand for Incorporated. This means a company is legally in business and their are specific stipulations in regards to protection of the owners,CEO and or bo (MORE)

Do you know the instore music playlist for Gap Inc stores?

There is no specific playlist.. but here are a list of some of the great songs that they play there. updated: December 6st 2010 Alicia Keys - Like the Sea Amy winehouse (MORE)
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Why is there a gap in your studies?

There are several reasons that people may take a break from their  studies. They could have taken a break because of a death in the  family or because they needed to go to w (MORE)

What are learning gaps?

A learning gap is the gap between what a child should know and what  they have actually learned. Learning gaps are measured by the  standards and teaching goals set for an a (MORE)