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How old do geese get?

The average lifespan of a goose is about 20 to 22 years. They can live to 30 and a 40 year old is not uncommon. The record was a gander that lived 101 years: outliving his own (MORE)
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What do you feed geese?

the best feed for all geese is straight corn. I get my corn from a local farmer and i get it cheaper then you will at a feed mill of your local hardware store. Any goose wiill (MORE)
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What can you feed to the geese?

Geese are not vegetarians and so, they feed on slugs, snails and small rodents like hamsters, mice and baby rats. Do not leave your goose alone with any of these animals you m (MORE)
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Why do geese hiss?

geese hiss to stay safe. When geese hiss you should back away. They may have eggs and are trying to protect them. mostly its the males that hiss but females are capable noneth (MORE)
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How do geese talk to other geese?

Wild geese have a very sophisticated and extensive "language" made by a mixture of body gestures and calls. Their communication skills are believed to be amongst the most exte (MORE)
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Why do geese migrate?

First the plural of "Goose" is "Geese".    Geese "migrate", that is they fly North into the Arctic regions in  Spring and South to temperate regions in Autumn.   (MORE)