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What is the synonym for genie?

The word "genie" derives from the Arabic word "Djinn", meaning  "spirit."   Synonyms can include spirit, angel, ghost. A leprechaun is a sort  of genie, whereas he grant (MORE)

Did Genie have a baby on I Dream of Genie?

Jeannie (Barbara Eden) and Tony (Larry Hagman) were married in the  fifth and final season, so the show was cancelled before children  became an issue.    In the 1985 (MORE)

What stores sell the Genie Bra?

The Genie Bra can be found at Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy, and  Bed, Bath & Beyond. It can also be found online at and  on eBay.
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Where to buy hyperkin game genie?

So far I can only find and There is no gamegenie on retail stores like,,, etc.. This latest gamegenie i (MORE)

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Are genies Greek?

Genie's originate from Islamic backgrounds generally. A part of oriental culture we find difficult to comphrend in the west. Essentially there is a belief that Allah (aka God) (MORE)

How much does a diaper genie cost?

Between $20-$40 depending on where you buy it and which brand you buy. However, I would save your money. I bought 3 over the last 30 years, but with a few months we were using (MORE)