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Did Genie have a baby on I Dream of Genie?

Jeannie (Barbara Eden) and Tony (Larry Hagman) were married in the  fifth and final season, so the show was cancelled before children  became an issue.    In the 1985 (MORE)

How do you get the genie lamp in sims 2?

Well first when your in the neighborhood press ctrl-shift-c and this opens the cheat box type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' the way ive done it and then you go to yo (MORE)

Why is the genie blue in 1001 nights?

When the book was originally sketched, the Genie was drawn with a  pen, believed to be blue. So when a color had to be given to a  mythical character, the blue color was ret (MORE)
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What are some quotes in bratz genie magic?

these are the fortune teller ones girl:here, this is a good way to use the nickels.let's see what the fortune teller says [the girl inserts a nickel] girl:is this guy ever go (MORE)

Are genies Greek?

Genie's originate from Islamic backgrounds generally. A part of oriental culture we find difficult to comphrend in the west. Essentially there is a belief that Allah (aka God) (MORE)

Where does the word genie come from?

It comes from the French translation of the Arabian Nights from the Arabic word 'jinni' being the plural if 'jinn' meaning spirit'. This may have been an accident of translati (MORE)

What are the benefits of a genie scissor lift?

More stable than a ladder, you can have more than one person  working from it like scaffolding, easier than erecting scaffolding  and easy to relocate, come in a range of si (MORE)