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Are koalas gentle?

Koalas are not gentle if they are interfered with. Koalas are wild animals, and if approached in their natural habitat, they will use their sharp teeth and claws to defend the (MORE)
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Why a gunman gets a jerk on firing a bullet?

It is because of newton's third law ...... According to this law , every action has an equal and opposite reaction . Therefore , when a gun is shot ( here the action force ) (MORE)

How do you say gentle in Japanese?

There are many ways to say 'Gentle in Japanese, depending on the context. But in most cases. 優しい yasashii, will be used. Yasashii can also mean Kind, or Kindness. Ex: (MORE)

Why do gentle eruptions of lava produce gentle sided volcanoes?

Generally, when a volcano produces a gentle eruption the lava has a very low viscosity (it is very runny). This allows the lava to spread out quickly after it has exited the v (MORE)
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Are wolves gentle?

wolves can be gentle if they are well trained or if they are not harmed by any other people and animals. They will harm you and other animals if they are starved.

Are giraffes gentle?

No Giraffes are evil creatures who plan on world domination. Our only defence is hotdogs which repulse them. Getting eaten is highly plosible and more than 60 million die each (MORE)

What are gentle sloped volcanoes made of?

on the outside they are all made of cooled hardened lava at least on the surface & normally down to some depth below the surface too but sometimes they are made of ash as wel (MORE)