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How do you catch a ghost with a camera?

All you have to do is leave the camera on until you see something drift around.   To add to this: the easiest way is with a double exposure. Place your camera (one capable (MORE)
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How can you get a ghost?

You cannot just 'acquire' a spirit. First, they are everywhere so you probably have at least one either in your house at the moment or around you. And second, do not try to ca (MORE)
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What are chapters 1 2 3 of ghost canoe about?

Chapter 1: the main character Nathan has to watch the lighthouse while his father and mother rest. A ship the M.S Burmby(not sure if i spelled that right) is heading right for (MORE)

If there were no cameras then?

People today rely on cameras as much as they do having the telephone. If there were no cameras, people might: try to learn drawing methodsuse sketches or portraits more as a (MORE)

But how you get a camera?

You go to a store that sells cameras, reach into your pocket, take out your money, wave it in front of the salesperson's face, and say, "hook me up with a camera." It's actual (MORE)

Where is ghosts?

Ghosts "is" not really inside our universe really. You have to  imagine our universe as being a ball. But it's a four dimensional  one...   We can't get off our universe (MORE)