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Has Jake T Austin ever kissed a girl on the lips?

no girls he has not ever kissed a girl on the lips! so girls keep your hopes up that he wants to kiss you ON THE LIPS!!!! hes never kissed anyone on he lips but only 2 girls o (MORE)

How do flying squirrels fly?

    They don't actually fly, they glide on the air using their skin flaps to create "lift".
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Who are the Characters in The Girl who could fly?

Warning-spoiler alert* Piper-flying Conrad-genius Voilet-shrinking Lily-telekinetic Jasper-healing Nalen/Ahmed-weather Smitty-x-ray vision Kimber-electricity (MORE)

What is a fly?

a creature that flies around and, well, enjoys being a fly. Bad points: It hangs around horse manure. Good points: they are fun to smush with a fly swatter. No good points, re (MORE)

Will a girl hit a guy if he calls her a sl-t?

No, not all girls will hit a guy if he calls her a that, but it sure will make him sound like a jerk. Some girls may hit back, but many will feel hurt and humiliated. It's app (MORE)

Who is the girl in the a.t.and t. commercials?

This cute girl is named Milana Vayntrub, and she is originally from  the Central European nation of Uzbekistan. She is a comedienne as  well as an actress, and appeared in " (MORE)