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What is a fly girl?

a fly girl also known as a flyer or top is a girl who is the one who is the top during the stunt and the one who is being tossed and doing all the flip with being lifter in t (MORE)

Who are the Characters in The Girl who could fly?

Warning-spoiler alert* Piper-flying Conrad-genius Voilet-shrinking Lily-telekinetic Jasper-healing Nalen/Ahmed-weather Smitty-x-ray vision Kimber-electricity (MORE)

What is a fly?

a creature that flies around and, well, enjoys being a fly. Bad points: It hangs around horse manure. Good points: they are fun to smush with a fly swatter. No good points, re (MORE)

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How do you defeat the flying girl on super power island?

To beat Betty Jetty, you need to first defeat all five of the other villains. Then you can fly like her. Fly up to the top of the skyscraper and she will taunt you and fly awa (MORE)