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Are yorkies good companions?

I have a yorkie myself, and they are amazing companions. They do not shed. They do not get dandruff. They are extremely smart, in fact I taught my yorkie a trick in just one (MORE)

Why is it good to have music as a class?

Music has been shown to improve creativity and intelligence. Even listening to music can be beneficial--people's intelligence improves just by listening to a song by Mozart. M (MORE)

What is a good riddle for a music store?

Well... Here's what I've got: Riddle = There are only two music stores in the whole city. Each sells the same CD's at the same price, but they are sold differently. Store A (MORE)

What is a good free music website?

There are many different sites, but i recommend I have been using it for a long time and it is pretty good. You can subscribe to get the best of Grooveshark.

Is a cat a good companion?

  They can be. It depends on the personalities of the cat and the owner. For example, I have 2 cats, both rescues. The older one is about 4 years old, is as mellow as can (MORE)

Which musical is good for an theatre audition?

The biggest advice I can give you is to stray away from typical, usual, common musicals. For example, lots of people are using the following for auditions: High School Music (MORE)

Are guniea pigs good companions?

Yes, they can make good companions if you like very noisy ones. These animals are very vocal. They communicate this way. They are very good pets to have.
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