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Who are the Scots?

The 'Scots' can refer to various things through Scottish history. Originally what is now Scotland was occupied by the Picts, a Northern Celtic people, similar to the Brythoni (MORE)

What are picts and Scots?

  The Picts are the original inhabitants of what became Scotland. The Romans called them the 'Caledonia' or 'Painted Ones'. The Scots were a Celtic tribe from what is now (MORE)

Who was Mary queen of Scots mother?

Mary, Queen of Scots mother was Mary de Guise. She was a member of a prominent French family. She was married to a French Duke and had two children by him. Around this time Ja (MORE)

Why was Mary Queen of Scots executed?

Mary Queen Of Scots was executed by her second cousin Elizabeth. At first Elizabeth didn't want to sign the death warrant, then finally when the warrant was showed to her fo (MORE)

When was Mary Queen Of Scots executed?

    The (dolorous stroke)-that is sad, tragic, fell at Fotheringhay, Scotland in l587 The execution weapon was an axe. the identity of the executioner has never been m (MORE)