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What is the difference between a grotesque and a true gargoyle?

"Gargoyles are statues. Grotesque is a word meaning very ugly." NOTE: This answer is incomplete and seems to have been answered by someone who didn't realize that the two item (MORE)

What is a grotesque carved head that catches rainwater called?

Gargoyle Rain Spouts or Roof Scuppers Gargoyle has been defined as a water spout which projects from a roof gutter and is designed to drain or throw the rain water away from (MORE)

Use grotesquely in a sentence?

The Elephant Man was grotesquely disfigured. The victim's body was grotesquely distorted by the accident.
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What is the difference between a gargoyle and a grotesque?

Gargoyles are statues. Grotesque is a word meaning very ugly. Grotesque is also a style of art characterized by ornamentations that typically use scrollwork, mythological bea (MORE)

Why is Edgar Allan Poe considered grotesque?

Poe is considered grotesque because the stories he wrote. His mother died when he was very young and many think that this was on the set of his behavior. He was an amazing wri (MORE)

Which of Edgar Allan Poe tales are grotesques and which of them are arabesques?

It might not be possible to tell which tales are grotesque and which are arabesque, since it seems that even Poe himself did not see them that way, in other words as being one (MORE)

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What worm causes grotesque swelling of the legs and is in Southeast Asia?

I think you mean the guinea worm disease. Another term for this disease is Dracunculiasis. It develops in the subcutaneous tissue of mammals and has been reported in humans, d (MORE)