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How do you play twenty guesses?

There are only two fundamental rules, one for Q and one for A.    Rule #1: Q may only ask questions that can be answered with a  yes or a no.   Rule #2: A may only r (MORE)

What kind of music do The Guess Who play?

The Guess Who are known to be a part of the Pop/Rock Genre. Over the years they transitioned multpile times through differnt types of Rock and Pop such as: Album Rock, Boogie (MORE)

Who is Griffin Guess?

All about Griffin Guess   Griffin Guess started his own company called Machete Inc in 1998, dealing with many music drive projects and music videos across the platform fo (MORE)

What is the meaning of psycholinguistic guessing game?

This is a process where the reader gueses wht he is reding while he  is trying to understnd wht he is reading.. in this process the  reader brings prior knowledge and unders (MORE)

How do you guess number?

well u think of a number and you just say i guessed from my head ty and thiss is how u guess.
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What is an educated guess in science?

An educated guess is called a Hypothesis. A hypothesis is a  guess as to the result of an experiment or study that takes into  account all known facts and previous experimen (MORE)

What is contextual guessing?

Contextual guessing is making a guess based on the context of the passage you're reading. (i know its a bad def.) For example, if you were reading about a war between the nort (MORE)

Why is a hypothesis called an educated guess?

In the scientific method, the hypothesis is a guess at an answer to the problem proposed. However, it isn't a random guess. Between the hypothesis and problem is a step of gat (MORE)

How does gollum guess the Bilbo has the ring?

Gollum and bilbo have a game of riddles, bilbo asks, "what have I got in my pockets?" He gives Gollum 3 guesses, and gollum guesses all three wrong Gollum asks Bilbo what he (MORE)