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Where do banshees haunt?

In Irish legend, a banshee wails nearby if someone is about to die. There are particular families who are believed to have banshees attached to them, and whose cries herald th (MORE)

Why is alcatraz haunted?

There has been trauma and suffering inside the walls of Alcatraz, and ghosts that have suffered in their lifetime, especially towards the end, are much more likely to stick ar (MORE)
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What is a haunt?

According to TAPS [The Atlantic Paranormal Society] - ..." A haunting is he manifestation of a ghostly presence, or presences, attached to a specific locale. Hauntings can be (MORE)

Are hospitals haunted?

Yes but the most haunted one is linda vista hospital. Me and my buddies went there to see my friend because he works there and we heard like a little girl saying "leave or die (MORE)
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What classrooms of Mae m walters are haunted?

The rooms that are haunted are 27,32,20,22,23,21 because we found out because every time we get out of the classroom we turn off the light and one light turns off but then it (MORE)

What do you do when someone is haunting you?

What you do when someone is haunting you or your home, you get something called sage. Sage is a Native American substance that bans the evil or good presence haunting your hom (MORE)

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