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Can spirits haunt you?

Yes usually if that spirit lived a mean or bad life or if you go and take a dump on their grave they can haunt you Majority of hauntings just occur because that ghost is try (MORE)

Is Alcatraz haunted?

Yes, Alcatraz is a haunted island.   Visitors of the island claim that they can sometimes hear men screaming, whistling, talking, and doors clanging in the prison. Many dea (MORE)

Is ps13 haunted?

yes, it is. if you go up and down the stairs with a small group, you'll hear whistling, see doors opening and closing, and feel a scratch down your back that may appear.
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What is a haunt?

According to TAPS [The Atlantic Paranormal Society] - ..." A haunting is he manifestation of a ghostly presence, or presences, attached to a specific locale. Hauntings can be (MORE)
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What do you do if your house is haunted?

Try to make connections with the ghost . Take it from a person with a haunted house. hey try mine i would total try and gain contact with this ghost.And try taking it from a p (MORE)
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What classrooms of Mae m walters are haunted?

The rooms that are haunted are 27,32,20,22,23,21 because we found out because every time we get out of the classroom we turn off the light and one light turns off but then it (MORE)
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Is Ireland haunted?

  Haunted places in Northern Ireland   * Maes Artro Heritage Museum in Llanbedr was formally a RAF base and fighter training base in World War II and is now a heritag (MORE)

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