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What is your q?

    all of us answerers iq's put together are enough to answer anything
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Who is Q?

In Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek:  Voyager, Q (John de Lancie) is a being from the Q Continuum,  which is where a race of god-like omnipotent (at least as far (MORE)

What is 2 q in a c?

    "Two quavers in a crotchet." "Quaver" and "crotchet" are chiefly British musical terms for eighth-note and quarter-note.

Who to complain to about speed limits on state highway 42 East Clayton N C?

You're talking about the stretch running from US70 out to I-95 and Wilson beyond that, which will run you past the Caterpillar plant, the Flowers Plantation subdevelopment, an (MORE)