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What are homecoming chrysanthemums?

Homecoming mums or chrysanthemums are a tradition for Texas and  Oklahoma areas basically. The are yet another way for people to  spend money! The are lots of ribbons, with (MORE)

What is a Christian homecoming?

In our church, Homecoming is an annual celebration of the life of the church. Existing members and past members come from all over, back to their "home" church to celebrate th (MORE)

What is homecoming court?

  The Homecoming Court is a representative group of students that, in a coeducational institution, consists of a King and Queen, and possibly Prince(s) and Princess(es). I (MORE)

Do you have to go to homecoming?

no, you don't have to go to homecoming; it doesn't mean you're a dork or anything. It's perfectly OK. Though if you've never gone, trying it out once might be fun.
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How do you dance at homecoming?

Honestly, it depends on the school... Mostly fast- club dancing (basically jumping to the music;) ) or grinding. There is usually a couple slow songs too
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What do you wear for homecoming?

it definetly differs school to school so try and find someone a grade older than you and ask their advice & also ask your friends what they are wearing. At my school, girls we (MORE)

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Where did homecoming come from?

Baylor University is the originator of the Homecoming tradition in the United States. The Baylor Homecoming event was launched in November 1909 as a way to reconnect Baylor al (MORE)