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What is the one hundred days of reforms?

In 1898, the emperor of China himself became sympathetic to Kang's ideas and, on June 11, launched one hundred days of reform. He took as his models Peter the Great and Japane (MORE)
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If the eye blinks once every 5 seconds is that more than or less than a hundred thousand times per day?

There are less than a hundred thousand seconds in a day. If you blink once every five seconds, you'd blink about 17,000 times a day. In actual practice, it would probably be c (MORE)
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Is it safe to only eat four hundred calories a day to lose weight?

    Answer     Definately not! If losing weight is your aim then go for a run or try another form of exercise that you like. But do not eat that way, can (MORE)

What was the period known as the hundred days?

The first hundred days of Franklin Roosevelt's presidency saw a record number of bills passed to relieve the economic depression which had been deepening since 1929. The packa (MORE)

What is the hundred day campaign?

It could be one of two things:    1. The Hundred Days: In 1814, Emperor Napoleon I  of France was defeated by the Sixth Coalition; he was forced to go  into exile on (MORE)