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When was The Bahamas independent?

The Bahamas were a British Crown Colony from the 1717 until they were granted eternal self rule in 1964. It then became the commonwealth of the Bahama islands in 1969. In 1973 (MORE)

Who are the Independents?

People who are independent politically are those who do not want to belong to just one political party. They vote based on the issues, and they may vote for Republicans or the (MORE)

What is judicial independence?

  Judicial independence is when a separation of the powers exists between the judicial branch of government and legislative and executive branches of government.   The (MORE)

What does independant mean?

An independent variable means it is the input varaible and doe snot rely or depend on anything else A dependent variable means its value depends on the independent variable Fo (MORE)
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How did Mexico get its independance?

Mexico's independence wasn't given but fought over. Mexico won its independence in a war against Spain, from September 15, 1810 to September 27, 1821 (a struggle of a little m (MORE)