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What is the definition of humiliation?

Humiliation is the act of being (or feeling) disgraced, shamed, or degraded. It may result from an action, event, situation, or revelation. The feeling of an individual may al (MORE)

How was Jesus Humiliated?

They put a crown made of thorns on his head, mocking him because he told them he was the king of kings. Also, the spit on him. And, when he was hanging on the cross, they put (MORE)

What is insulting the meat?

insulting the meat is a way a society might seek to keep everyone equal. it's the opposite of complimenting of course. insulting the meat serves to keep those who gathered it (MORE)

What is a good insult?

a good insult would be probably depending on their weight,hiegt,or something else. some good insults if they're fat are:every girl has the right to be fat but you abused that (MORE)

How do you overcome humiliation?

no matter how deep the humiliation there is always still you. You are who you are and the cause of the humiliation does not really matter. You must maintain a sense of self pr (MORE)

What does humiliating mean?

To cause (a person) a painful loss of pride, self-respect, or dignity; mortify. (Humiliate) To say that something is humiliating usually refers to something that is embarras (MORE)

What do you do if someone insulting you?

what i would do is just ignore them and show that you don't care.... they are doing it just to make themselves feel better on a problem they are going through because they don (MORE)

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