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What is a jesters job?

A Jester's job is that he entertains many Kings or Queens and an thereby live a better life   Edit: A court jester is an entertainer to royalty throughout the Renaissance (MORE)
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What was a jesters responsibilities?

Jester's had to entertain the lord, hes family and guests after dinner in the Great Hall. They made jokes about the people laughing at him and about what is going on in the wo (MORE)

What did court jesters do?

Court jesters were "licenced fools," meaning that they were given licence to do whatever they wanted as long as it was funny or instructive. They were allowed, and even expect (MORE)

What did a jester do in the castles?

A jester would entertain the king, queen, and the prince or princess. If the jester entertains the royal family, the king would reward him in riches. If not, the king would ha (MORE)

What is a court jester?

Court Jester . a fool also known as a court jester who entertains the king and his guests on a feast. he can perform acts such as tongfoolery and music. If the king is not (MORE)

How did jesters become jesters?

Jesters were people who were funny or, possibly, attractively offensive. They got their jobs because they were entertaining enough to keep around and pay to be what they were. (MORE)

Where does a jester live?

A jester would live in a castle to entertain the baron, the king or the queen that lives in the castle. Usually, a jester would entertain when they're eating dinner. A jester (MORE)

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