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Can viola play cello music notes?

Plain answer: Yes.    If, desired, explanation:    If by "cello music notes" you mean "bass clef notes" then  certainly, a viola can play those.   A cello c (MORE)

How does a cello sound?

Very Mellow. It is one of or maybe the only instrument that has the voice capabilities of a human. It can be played as a violin as well as a bass on higher octaves. It produce (MORE)

Why is a piano a percussion instruments?

its percussion because to make the piano produce sound, push the key and a little hammer will hit long strings which causes sound through vibration. just like the hammer, on t (MORE)

What key is the cello in?

The 'Cello is in Concert Pitch (C) so A above middle C will equal 440 (same as the piano)
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Is piano a percussion instrument?

Keyboard instruments are numbered among the percussion  instruments in Orchestras and bands, not so much because of their  mechanisms, but because it is easier than trying t (MORE)

What is the difference between a viola and a cello?

cello burns slower! nah kiddin, cellos have are bigger and are played with the neck resting on your shoulder in a sitting position. also the playing range is lower than a vio (MORE)

Which is harder to play the viola or cello?

You would have to play both to know. But viola is difficult in the same ways as violin and it reads in a different clef. Cello definitely shifts more. It plays in three clefs (MORE)

Is piano a percussion or string instrument?

Of course it is since the strings inside play the cords! So it is. Though it uses strings to play the chords and music, some say it is both a percussion and a string instrume (MORE)